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Industrial feedlot salmon is unsustainable. Sign up to our campaign and pledge not to serve or eat industrial Atlantic salmon produced in Tasmania.

Eat The Right Kind of Fish

Eat lower trophic-level fish – fish and shellfish, which are lower down the food chain.
Check out the GoodFish Guide for more information on sustainable alternatives.

Explore Alternative Options for Aquaculture

Be part of the growing numbers of Australians saying NO to Tasmanian industrial salmon. Engage in letter-writing campaigns to politicians. They should be doing more to protect our waterways. Talk to your friends. Buy a copy of TOXIC, and talk to your local restaurant—request the change. Take industrial feedlot Atlantic salmon, Off The Table.

Chefs and Restaurants

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Chefs and Restaurants

Sign up to join or campaign to remove industrial salmon Off The Table.

Consumers and Diners

Help us remove industrial salmon Off The Table.