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ABC Four Corners Report

Does the industry's "Green Image" stand up?

ABC 7.30 Report

Will Antibiotic resistance undermine a healthy future?

ABC News

Chef Vince Trim, Author Richard Flanagan and NOFF president Peter George on Salmon

Independent Fats testing

Independent fats testing on store bought salmon fillets

Fact Checking Industry's recent economic claims

Tasmanian Independent Science Council

Maugean Skate on Edge of Extinction

IMAS science report calling for immediate action to prevent extinction

Federal Government Conservation Advice re Maugean Skate September 6 2023

Federal government calls for immediate reduction in biomass of fish in Macquarie Harbour to prevent catastrophic risk to Maugean Skate

Tasmanian Legislative Council Fin Fish Inquiry Report

In 2022 a report of the three year long Inquiry into Fin Fish farming in Tasmania was published with 68 recommendations for improvement of the industry.

Alternative Aquaculture Options

Watch the video produced by Australian Marine Conservation Society looking at better ways of doing aquaculture.

Sea Lice in Tasmania

Despite industry claims that there are no sea lice in Tasmanian salmon farms, a scientific paper was published on the topic in 2011

NOFF submissions to Government and Legislation

NOFF campaigns in a variety of ways, one is to engage in Government led public consultation and Inquiries. See NOFF's activity here.

JBS Fact Check

Brazilian Meat Packers JBS bought Huon Aquaculture in 2021. We fact check their history.

Cooke Inc Fact Check

Cooke Inc bought Tasmania's largest Salmon Producer, Tassal, in 2021, now owning salmon operations in Tasmania, Prawns in Queensland, and Barramundi in Western Australia.

Environment Tasmania Investigates Hatchery Pollution

Many salmon hatcheries are flow through land based systems, flowing into Tasmanian rivers, tributaries to Hobart's drinking water.

WildFish Raises Greenwashing Concerns in Scottish Salmon Industry

UK organisation WildFish raises major concerns over greenwashing in the Salmon farming industry

Natural and Cultural Values in Storm Bay

Storm Bay is undergoing rapid approved expansion by the industry, against scientific advice. This report by Christine Coughanowr highlights the cultural and natural values and impacts of the region.

Whales under threat from Unsustainable Krill Industry

Sydney Morning Herald Article on Whales, and their reliance on krill, a keystone species under huge strain from the global demand for it both as a health supplement, and ingredient for aquaculture feed.

Australia Institute Report. Tax.

The Atlantic salmon industry in Tasmania has not paid corporate tax in the past three years. See the full report for more.

Australia Institute calls for non-renewal of Salmon Farming licenses in Macquarie Harbour

The science is clear: Removing fish farming from Macquarie Harbour is an urgent priority to be actioned before this summer.

Paradise Lost Film by Justin Kurzel

Tasmanian Film MakersJustin Kurzel and Connor Castles-Lynch follow the experiences of ordinary Tasmanians as they come into conflict with the Tasmanian salmon industry.

Campaign Films

See some of the campaign films that have been made about the Atlantic salmon industry operating in Tasmania